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Konstantino Polizois new music piece has now been published by ESO

European Southern Observatory’s new discovery of Proxima b exoplanet in Centauri constellation has been the most exciting news for the international astronomical community and the globe. Konstantino Polizois composed the music piece for the discovery and a very impressive videoclip with great images has been produced by the ESO family to accompany the epic music. Proxima b is an exoplanet with about the mass of the Earth that orbits a star in the Alpha Centauri system, the closest to our Sun. It is the lightest exoplanet ever discovered around a star like the Sun. The planet was detected using the 3,6 meters La Silla telescope in Chile, which is a small part of the giant ESO facilities in South America.

Watch the music video here.

More information for the discovery of Proxima b here.